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a) First, we discuss over the phone:
  • Your school choices
  • Strategy and positioning
  • What the school is looking for
  • What you’re going to put in the essays
  • and your recommenders.

This takes about an hour and a quarter and will save you a lot of your time when writing.

b) Then you write the essays and send them for review.

c) Within your essay, your consultant will show you how to make your essays clearer, more persuasive and more effective, and will point out any omissions with examples.

d) "Then, after you make changes, you send the essays back again for a second review ". To give you an idea of timing - a 500 word essay takes between 20-40 mins to review. The turnaround time for essays is a maximum of 4 days, although we do try to get them to you much sooner if possible.

e) Of course if you have any questions, this too is part of the consulting.

Payment is : in advance by bank transfer. Hours (non-refundable) are valid for 1 year from payment.

Our high success rate is based on the full package. As we want to maintain both this record and our effectiveness we initially only start with this package - rather than part hours for just editing. Further full hours can be bought after this package for £100.

Given that our MBA consulting is proven to be effective and our success rate high, we charge a related fee. We are however still competitive in the successful end of the admissions market and look to offer you value for money. Committed to achieving your MBA goal, we hope you too will see consulting more like an investment that, if used properly, is one with a high return.

After the initial package has been used, more hours are available individually at £100/hour

Once you have been invited to interview we offer an interview coaching/practise session of 1.5 hours. 1.5 hours has generally been found to be the level most candidates need.

A scholarship is worth more than money. Graduating with a scholarship can help open doors at interview time. Writing a persuasive scholarship application is often crucial to winning the award so leveraging our expertise in this area can help to increase your chances.

Disclaimer : Although it is impossible to promise anyone to get them into their first school choice, your chances of success are increased.
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